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Board of Directors

Syed K Azeemuddin  M.D Chairperson  Finance committee

Abdul Ali  M.D   Chairperson Nomination Committee

Asaf   Qadeer  M.D Chairperson  Membership Committee

Mohammed Y. Sheikh M.D

Abdel K. Fustok M.D


2011-12   Sardar Daud Khan M.D

2009 -Asif Ali M.D

2007-08   Omer Ilahi M.D

2006 -Asaf Qadeer M.D

2004-2005  Abdul Moosa  M.D

2002-2003 Kokab Saeed M.D    

2001- Syed S. Azhar M.D

2000- M.A Saeed M.D         

1999-  G.M Khan M.D          

1998- A.Naraghi DDS

1997- Vaseem Ali M.D    

1996- Syed K. Azeemuddin M.D     

1995- Nisar Ahmed M.D

1994- Abdul Ali M.D        

1993- Laeeq Khan M.D                  

1992- Shaheen Etazadi M.D

1991- Saied Abedin M.D

1990- Ebrahim Ziafat M.D        

1989- Iqtidar H. shah M.D

1988- Abdus Saleem M.D                        

1985 to1987- Mohammed Teliah M.D     


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