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Nov 19th,                                                                                                                                Eid Dinner  at Royal Hall

Elected Sardar Daud Khan as the President for the Year 2011-2012 



Oct 09th,  
            Education for Social and Economic Emancipation at West oak Galeria.

June 06,

             Empowering Next Generation Muslims with Education at Lasani Restaurant.

May 16th,  

                           (Topic EMR)  meeting at downtown Aquarium.

February 14th,       

                            Candle Light Dinner at Royal Hall.

January 24th,                  

                           Felicitation of Hajjis at Royal Hall .




November 22nd                      

                   Dinner at The Westin Galleria Selection of New President 2009.

April 26th        

                    Sheraton in Galleria Meeting Sponsored by Wellcare.




 December 1st

                        IMA & IMANA Dinner Meeting @ Marriott, 6580 Fannin.

 October 27th 

                         Eid Dinner @ The Royal Room  in Royal Center.

August 5th 

                          Family Picnic @  The Moody Gardens, Galveston, Tx.

June 9th 

                            Meeting of BOD & Executive  in The Great Hall in Royal Center.


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